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Our Process

Quality & Care

In a Meeting

Step 1 - First Meeting 

We will use this time to introduce ourselves,  and listen to your wants and needs.  Also give you a feeling of what happens next and an estimate of time for the whole process.

Step 2 Site Visit

Look at your property and recommend to you an Architect/Engineer to help generate the proper design.

Step 3 - Permitting Process. 

Helping the team go through the proper local and state requirements.


Step 4  Estimating/Budgeting and Value Engineering -

At this phase we will do a pricing exercise,  and build an estimate for your project.  Throughout this process there will be a lot of scenarios, and we will offer some insight on costs savings if need be.

Step 5 - Schedule and Preconstruction Meeting

At this phase we will generate a schedule and coordinate a preconstruction meeting with team to discuss milestones, attack plans,  and phasing.

Step 6- Submittal and Selection Process

Making sure that you have complete clarity on all of the selections that will customize your home.  Ensuring that there are complete understanding on what type of finishes and products you want to go into your new project.

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Moving into New Home.jpg

Step 6 - Construction  Operations we will regularly monitor progress, conduct regular meetings, implement owner changes, and ensure quality control.

Step 7 - Punchlist

Finalize and hand you the keys to your project.

Our Process: Services
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