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Why Us?

Who We Are

As a Bozeman Native, I am a product of the Gallatin Valley. My family has been involved in the local construction industry for generations.  Starting with my Grandfather in the 1960's, then my Father, and also several Uncles along the way. This family connection has given me a steady foundation for construction in the valley. Growing up on the job site from a very young age,  it was a natural transition to become a carpenter, I enjoyed being able to build projects with my own hands, and seeing the end results.  I started working on my own in the valley in 1991 and gained valuable knowledge as a builder.  Although I felt as though I had gained experience in the field,  I also felt like I was lacking some office and professional business training. So in 1998 I decided to advance my construction career, and attend Montana State University where I received a Bachelors of Science in Construction Engineering Technology.  This degree has given me the opportunity to work in several large construction companies where my role was the General Contractor for primarily large commercial projects.  The knowledge I've gained in the last 20 years in project management, estimating/budgeting, and scheduling of these large scale projects, plus the hands on construction experience that I continue to develop, has given me a unique skillset to provide a wholistic approach to any type of project providing a higher quality end product, a more efficient process that saves money, and an overall less stressful experience for the owner.  

Tight Line Construction is a 

small, local firm, that aims to provide a personable approach with our clients.  Our model is not to chase as much work as possible, but to keep a workload that allows us to give you the service required for your project.  Our philosophy is to pursue a great life balance, which enables us to concentrate on high quality and long lasting relationships.




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